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Hardwood Flooring v/s Bamboo Flooring - The Comparison

Ellegant Home Design
March 13th, 2021

Are you planning to decorate or renovate your house? Then make sure that t you are choosing the right option so that you won’t have to renovate soon or regret your decision.

Flooring is one of the main concerns when it comes to home décor and that is why you should pay close attention to it. There are many flooring materials that can give your room a different feeling than the other and also when it comes to performances you will be getting a different kind of facilities.

For example, hardwood flooring would give you the durability and bamboo flooring would give your house an exquisite look. But which of them is more ideal when it comes to the overall features? Here are the differences between these two flooring materials…

Durability - when it comes to durability hardwood floors are the best in town. You can easily expect this flooring to last for 20 to 30 years with refinishing and proper care. Even though hardwood flooring is strong enough to take any hard impact but still, if any damage appears on the surface you can easily smooth and refinish the surface and make it brand new.

Bamboo is also a very durable flooring material that will last for many years from installing. But there are some kinds of bamboo flooring that may not be as hard as the others, so you will need to choose carefully. One of the main factors of bamboo flooring is, it cannot last long in a moist environment.

Water - Resistance- Because wood is not good with water that is why wood flooring is not ideal for installing in the bathroom and also in the kitchen. But spills can happen easily and hardwood flooring is not water resistant. So, you will need to be quick to clean up any spills or it can wrap or stain the floor.

But bamboo flooring is somewhat water resistance and slightly more resistance to moisture than hardwood floorings. You won’t have to worry about molds and mildew as it repels these problems so just a quick mopping and you will be good to go.

Care - Hardwood floor is very easy for everyday cleaning because you can clean the surface with mopping, vacuuming, dry microfiber mops or other things. For deep cleaning, you can clean product especially made for hardwood flooring also.

Just like hardwood floor bamboo should not get wet under any circumstances and that is why you cannot use a wet mop on this floor. You can use a broom or something like that or regular use. If the surface gets damaged you can easily sand and refinish it.